A #London2Paris Odyssey – A cold set back!

Well, since the last heroic update, having completed over 100 miles in a week, I’ve done…….nothing. 

Nowt. Zip. Nada. 

The cough developed as I got off the bike and has done nothing but get worse. 


Full on man-flu. The only things I have been testing over the last couple of weeks are handkerchiefs, and these:

But all is not lost. The time has been spent wisely, looking at training plans, and mini-milestones to keep me on track for July 19th. 

I’ve downloaded and checked out the route. Wish I hadn’t, as Day 1 over the South Downs looks hilly. 

Milestone 1. 

Entered a 100km Sportive from Market Harborough on April 2nd. Swiftly man-shamed, by a mere girl, into upgrading to the 100mile event!!

I’ve gone from a ‘Cheeky Chick’ to a ‘Big Brave Bunny‘ Not sure how big, or brave, I’ll feel at the end of it. Stacey Chalkey….you’d best put your money where your mouth is!

Milestone 2.

As if that wasn’t enough, me and fellow London2Paris riders Marc Potter and Ricky Jones have convinced ourselves to enter the Rutland Cicle Tour event on April 22nd, and cough and wheeze around the 79 mile route. I know the area very well, as I work in Oakham. The route is not flat. 

I’m hoping both events will give me a marker as to how well training is going, and if I have even a fleeting chance of making it to Paris!

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